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Stan Rogers

Plaque is located directly outside the Ottawa Folklore Centre.

Stan Rogers was born in Hamilton Ontario on November 29th, 1949 of maritime parents and although he lived his life in Hamilton and on the road, his life reflected his deep roots in Nova Scotia.

On June 2nd, 1982, Stan’s life ended as he lived it.
He was larger than Life. His legacy is a collection of songs that reflect a Canadian persona, and, due to his untimely demise, is but a small part of a body of work that was only just begun.

Stan Rogers’ songs continue to be such an inspiration that his albums (CDs) and books continue to sell twenty years later.
Achievements:Stan Rogers has been honoured in all parts of the world with plaques and tree plantings, and many posthumous awards for which his family will always be grateful.

For years at folk festivals, fans felt that at any moment Stan would show up at a workshop or walk out of an elevator with his guitar strapped across him, looking for a place to laugh and sing, and laugh.

The Canadian Folk Legend lives on through his words.