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Helen Creighton

Plaque is located in front of Starbucks.

Helen Creighton was one of Canada’s pioneers in the collection of folk songs and stories notably from Nova Scotia. Her legacy includes material from the 13th and 15th centuries and most prominent among them, “Farewell to Nova Scotia”.

She published anthologies from over 4,000 songs and stories which can be found in the Library of Congress (1943-1948) and the National Museum of Canada (1947-1967). Her collection is at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.

Achievements:1915–Music Diploma, McGill University • 1916–Halifax Ladies’ College • Member of the Order of Canada • Canadian Music Council Medal • 1981–Distinguished Folklorist of Canada • Fellow of the American Folklore Society • Honorary Life President of the Canadian Authors Association • 6 Honorary Doctorates.

Her memory is kept alive through the Helen Creighton Folklore Festival in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and through the Helen Creighton Foundation.